Hi there!

We are happy that you take a chance to try Dotify.click

We are a start-up and at this moment we are working on implementing new features for making Dotify.click reliable, quick and useful.

Dotify.click is a social network where you can register and communicate with others.

Dotify.click has a unique feature (widget) for creating, sharing and exploring interactive memories.

Interactive memories are multi-choice orders of photos and videos, so viewers can interactively explore by following the dots, appearing on each step of the memory. Oh, sounds difficult? Actually, It is extremely simple and we call it as a new way for sharing experience, emotions and creativity, jut try it. :)

We do our best to keep our website secured. We are implementing well-known solutions related to web-security. We use secured ways for transferring data among clients (users) and servers. However, considering the start-up nature, there might be uncertainties and malfunctions , which can lead to data loss. Please, please, if the photos or videos, which you upload on our website, have a high value for you, keep them on other data storage as well. If there is something too sensitive or confidential, we would encourage you not to share it here at this moment.

Dotify.click is accessible publicly and internationally. Please be aware, if you publish your memories to the gallery, it will be visible for others, using our website, our pages on Facebook, Reddit, and be likely shared somewhere else. "Linkable memories" are accessible via links, and not presented in the gallery. Drafts and deleted projects are only visible for the memories' authors.

The app is given to users for temporary usage and only for good purpose. It takes no cost for usage until announcement if something different decided. We might make a business version of the app in the future.

All images are resized to fit the frame 1800x1800px. All videos are resized to fit frame 720 x 720px

We do our best to keep our website out of abuse of any nature. All materials with unappropriated contents will be removed with no explanation. Please report to yabadabadoo@dotify.click or press the REPORT button on the page if available.

We implemented security tools provided by Google and use other Google products, as one of reliable player in the field. Please be aware that the photos, videos, email and other user information can be shared with Google. As mentioned above, the web-site or its separate parts can experience technical issues, and we apology in advance if you get to technical malfunction while using Dotify.click and we kindly ask you to let us know and come back again later. We are tracking bugs and other problems and fix them as much as our team capacity allows.

This document will be updated regularly.

Have fun and enjoy!

Dotify.click team